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5 Things Tuesday… Inspirational Bodies!

February 28, 2012


Maria Menounos

5TT: Quizz Time! In your opinion, which one of these celebrities has the MOST Inspiring body? [polldaddy poll=5991614] Click on image to view img. source

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Workout Log) Week of: 20-26 February ’12

February 27, 2012


week 19-26.feb.'12

Summary of the week 2 x 12min.HIIT 1 x 30min. upper body workout 1 x 10min. split stretches Click HERE to see my Split Stretches routine. Although I was planning on starting my new fitness challenge last week, I got pretty sick, so I had to postpone it to this week! I’ll be sharing my new 3 week […]

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The SKINNY JEANS Workout: Phase 1

February 25, 2012


The Skinny Jeans Workout, feature img.

The Skinny Jeans Workout: Phase 1 of 2 Week 1-4 Straight from “The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises”, here is another great workout divided into 2 phases that will get you great results right in time for the summer!   “Want to look sexier in a pair of jeans?  Then this is the workout for […]

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No-Bake CHOCO-PEANUT Protein Bar Recipe!

February 22, 2012


No bake Choco-Peanut Protein Bar

I decided to try out this no-bake recipe today, which contains my 2 favorite ingredients joined together (chocolate & peanut butter) to form a delicious & healthy protein snack! I prefer using organic and vegan protein sources in my bars, at this point, the only protein powder I found here in Croatia is the Raw […]

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5 Things Tuesday… What are your FITNESS GOALS this year?

February 21, 2012



This weeks 5TT is all about sharing our goals and planning for success! I’ll be sharing my top 5 fitness goals and also showing you what I am doing to achieve each and every single one of them!  Here is what I am focusing on this year 1. Increasing my lower-body Flexibility  Be able to do […]

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Workout Log) 13-19 February ’12

February 20, 2012


week 13-19 feb. '12

Summary of the week 1 x 15min. Quicky workout 1 x 20min. Cardio on Elliptical trainer 1 x 35min. Butt Blaster workout  1 x 10min. split stretches Overall this was a lazy recovery week, I should get started on my new fitness challenge soon enough, and I will be sharing it here in the upcoming days!   

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Chocolate Cake for the Fit & Healthy !

February 17, 2012



I was craving something naughty and sweet today and decided to give Jamie Easton’s recipes a try, this recipe is adapted from her Chocolate Protein Bar recipe! Ingredients (makes 12 cakes/bars) ½ cup ground oats ½ cup of whole wheat flour 4 egg whites 2 Tbsp. shredded coconut 2 Tbsp. ground flax-seed 2 Tbsp. hemp or […]

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My BIGGEST Challenge Ever! It’s not what you think it is…

February 16, 2012



I love setting up a fitness challenge and tracking my progress along the way… from creating my action plan, all the way to reaching my final destination and rewarding myself, it’s an awesome experience all together! But this challenge is different and harder than any other challenge to me… and I have no choice but […]

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5 Things Tuesday… My Motivational Tips!

February 14, 2012



I’ve decided to add this weekly post so that I can share some fun facts, tips, and games with you guys! Let the fun begin with 5TT! And let’s make it a double for this first post! This week, I wanted to give you guys some tips on how I stay motivated, even on those days […]

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Workout Log) Week 06-12 January ’12

February 14, 2012

1 Comment

week 6-12 feb.'12 (part 1)

Happy Valentine’s Day folks xoxo Summary of the week: I’ve successfully completed my 2-week “Project Valentine’s” challenge!!! Here were my goals for the week: 2 x 12min. HIIT DONE 1 x 45-50min Bun Shaper from One-on-one with Tony Horton DONE 1 x Cardio session + Total Body Circuit training DONE 4-6 x 10min. Split Stretches DONE […]

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Track your Health & Fitness Online

February 7, 2012


greatist guide

Here is your “Complete Guide to Tracking your health and fitness online” from the Get health and fitness tips at

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Workout Log) Week of 30 January- 05 February ’12

February 7, 2012


week 30-05 feb.'12, part1

Summary of the week Here were my goals: 2 x 12min. HIIT DONE 1 x 45-50min Bun Shaper from One-on-one with Tony Horton DONE 1 x Cardio session + Total Body Circuit training DONE 4-6 x 10min. Split Stretches DONE 2 x 8-10min. upper body conditioning DONE 1 x Additional Cardio Session (optional) DONE Click […]

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