Girly Crush Alert no.3: Workout Inspiration!

November 18, 2012

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bekafit_workout motivation

It’s time for a third “Girly Crush Alert” and this one was long overdue…

Yesterday, while browsing YouTube for TRX workout demonstrations, I came across Bekafit’s channel!

There are so many workout videos on YouTube, yet somehow, it’s rare that I come across something that really catches my eye. Rebeca’s channel is professional, she demonstrates effective and up-to-date workouts that make you want to put down your cupcake and drop down for 10 push-ups instead! Her workouts are diverse and include High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), bodyweight functional training, strength training with weights, TRX, Swiss ball workouts, and more…

On top of that, many of her workouts have a nice scenery and upbeat music that gives you that extra boost of workout motivation. In my opinion, this ladies totally nailed it!

Great work Beka, keep it up!

Check out her youtube channel HERE.

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Isabella Bazzara

Isabella is the founder of My Fit Station. Her mission is to spread a healthy, balanced and FUN approach to mind/body health & fitness, one that encourages growth, empowerment and a lavish dose of self-loving!
Isabella Bazzara
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