20 Must Reads: All You Need to Make 2013 Your Fittest Year So Far (part 02) !

featured 20 Must Reads All You Need to Make 2013 Your Fittest Year So Far (part 01)
Written by Isabella Bazzara

20 Must Reads All You Need to Make 2013 Your Fittest Year So Far (part 01)
Day 28 Week 4 of “The Final Push: Fit 4 2013” Challenge

It’s January 1st 2013! HAPPY NEW YEAR & Welcome to the last day of the 4-week Fitness Challenge!!!

I hope you did well and that you are feeling strong and confident to keep it up in 2013! Remember, you can always go back to “The Final Push: Fit 4 2013” challenge guidelines to keep yourself on track as you begin a new and exciting year.

For now, let’s continue with some of my favorite MFS posts!

Enjoy the read & don’t forget to check out Part01 of the “20 Must Reads” series if you haven’t already!

Let’s begin with my 2 next favorite healthy recipes (click HERE for lucky no.1):

  1. Oh So Good Protein Pancake Recipe
  2. No-Bake CHOCO-PEANUT Protein Bar Recipe
  3. Got 15 minutes? Try these super effective, super short yet intense workout series: The Best: 15 Minute Workouts (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
  4. Learn how to CREATE a life that works for you and make your DREAMS come to life in 2013: You as Yourself ? Why Not ?
  5. Make 2013 your FITTEST YEAR so far with these 5 LITTLE tips to help your reach your BIG goals!
  6. 20+12 Fun Ideas: Stuff that will Make you Feel Awesome in 2012! I’m pretty sure that they remain just as awesome in 2013!
  7. Find out 20 Ways to make Fitness and Weight Loss FUN (Part 1 & Part 2) for a more successful and amusing fitness journey!
  8. Not sure how to follow a balanced and nutritious diet? Check out this “Clean & Lean” Meal Plan Sample to get you started on the right path this year…
  9. Want to look sexier in a pair of jeans? Here is a 8 week workout program that will get you into those skinny jeans in 2013: The SKINNY JEANS Workout: Phase 1 & Phase 2
  10. Learn how toTurn your “Cheat Foods” into “Fit Foods” with these 5 yummy recipes!

And finally….

I have so many juicy ideas and awesome visions for MFS in 2013 and I’d REALLY LOVE to get your input! What would you like to see more of this year? What kind of content would you enjoy receiving from MFS in 2013? Let your imagination run wild, dare to share your wished with me…. they might come true 😉

Lots of Love to you ALL my dear readers

Isabella XoXo

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