Diet Makeover Series 002: Yo-Yo Proof your Diet !

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When it comes to food and diet, finding balance can sometimes get tricky. We are continuously bombarded with conflicting messages from the media (including the T.V, the health & fitness magazines, and now, even the internet). It seems like wherever we turn our heads, there is a new promising miracle diet or workout program that will somehow help us reach our goals in no time! It’s not that all of these claims are SCAMS, but once again, they do not address the root issue (which in most cases has nothing to do with being aware of what it takes to get in shape and drop those last few pounds). When it comes to getting fit, dropping those last stubborn pounds or reaching your ideal weight, you shouldn’t be searching for yet another QUICK FIX. Has that ever really worked for you in the long run anyway? I’m guessing not! Be honest with yourself for a moment, how long have you been trying to reach your ideal weight? 2, 5, 15 years perhaps? Well if you still haven’t reached your final destination, it’s time to take things into consideration and make some REAL HEALTHY LASTING CHANGES, once and for all!

On top of being manipulated by the multimillion dollar buck sucking weight loss industry, most folks out there tend to crave INSTANT RESULTS, they want to look their best and they want it YESTERDAY! I know that losing weight fast might seem exciting and tempting, but it is simply not reasonable nor sustainable. I mean what’s the deal with that; wouldn’t you rather be in a great shape all year long and feel balanced, happy and harmonious instead of moody, irritable, skinny fat, and constantly feeling like a failure because you never reached that goal? Because that’s what you will get out of going from one extreme to another (trust me, I had to learn it the hard way).

A few months from now, you can be at your ideal weight and in an amazing shape without going on another lame diet or constantly depriving yourself from delicious foods. Right on time for summer! No more stressful weight loss plans, strenuous workout regimens or extreme diets are required for you to look your absolute best.

Leading a healthy and fit lifestyle requires SOLID HABITS, COMMITMENT and BALANCE. Instead of going into extremes, you need to find something in the middle-ground, a formula that works for you, and on top of that, you might also need to get out of your comfort zone every now and then. This does not mean constantly depriving yourself from delicious foods that are not necessarily optimal for weight loss, exercise performance and general health, rather, it suggests that you pick yourself up when you feel down, stressed out or blue by making healthy choices instead of grabbing a box of cookies to numb the pain (we’ll discuss emotional eating in our next chapter). As I mentioned above, it’s not about finding the next best supplement combination; it’s about bulking up the mind muscle, over and over again, until your healthy habits become somewhat second nature. That’s the REAL SECRET of getting and staying in shape for life.

3 POWERFUL TOOLS to Build Your Fitness Mind & Becoming a PRO at Sticking to your GOALS

  • Step over Procrastination: Yesterday you said tomorrow! Whether it’s your new diet plan, fitness program or lifestyle habits that you want need to change; it can no longer wait until tomorrow! A year from now, you will wish you had started TODAY! It’s not about being in beast mode 24/7 or being on some strict diet all year long. It’s about taking action now and every day to follow, always do what you can NOW, and sometimes do even a little more so that you don’t feel so guilty for slacking off every now and then. This is it, TODAY is the DAY to LIVE YOUR DREAM, and TODAY is the TIME to make it HAPPEN!
  • Make it a Must: Perhaps you need to go to work every day in order to pay your bills and have food on the table. Don’t you perceive that as a must? Same goes for your healthy habits, you must build strong and sustainable lifestyle habits to feel and look your best in order to be happy. Do not settle for less!
  • Today, Do Your Best: On some days, when everything seems to flow your way and you see “La Vie en Rose”, it might be easy to do what it takes to stay on track on your health and fitness journey. But as we all know, life happens and we always need to be prepared for the unexpected. When things seem impossible, useless and you no longer feel powerful and at ease, you can still do your best, that doesn’t mean that your best will be the same as it would have been on a “perfect day”, but it will be your best on a cloudy one. Don’t give up because you have lost sight of the big picture, know that it will come back to you  in no time and that you’ll be in an even better place then you were last time if you always do your best today.

5 Points to Remember when it comes to Finding your Balance and Getting off the Track of yo-yo Dieting

  • Going on a depriving diet in order to get quick results will only get you frustrated and result in weight gain or binge eating.
  • Following a healthy and balanced diet (including little treats every now and then) will keep you sane and help you reach your goals sooner while assuring they stick in the long run.
  • Read about the basics of a healthy whole food diet and apply them to your life (it doesn’t take so long to get rid of all those nasty and addictive cravings for junk and processed foods). Find some tools HERE
  • Learn how to prepare delicious and satisfying versions of your favorite treats so that you can enjoy them on a regular basis, guilt free. Click HERE for some healthy sweet treat recipes.
  • Do not label foods as “good” or “bad”; instead, focus on all of the energy, vitality and scrumptious tastes that real food has to offer. On top of that, do not feel guilty for indulging in a little junk once in a while.

I hope that you’ve been enjoying “The Diet Makeover Series” so far. We’ll be back next week with another chapter that I believe is particularly important in building lasting changes and reaching our fitness goals…

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Isabella Bazzara

Isabella is the founder of My Fit Station. Her mission is to spread a healthy, balanced and FUN approach to mind/body health & fitness, one that encourages growth, empowerment and a lavish dose of self-loving!
Isabella Bazzara
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    Hi Isabella, I totally agree with you. This is the problem of our society. We are used to getting things way too fast and without much effort. Regardless of the fitness class, if you don’t commit yourself to the class, there will be no result! Great stuff, gonna send you an email now. Later 🙂



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