Workout Log) 21-27 January 2013

workout log week of 21-27 january 2013
Written by Isabella Bazzara

Summary of the week

  • 1 x Teaching 60min. Cardio & Abs
  • 1 x Teaching 60min. Cardio & Tone
  • 1 x Teaching 45-60min. Boot-Camp

Yep, it was a hell of an easy-going week. It was that time of the month for me (ladies, you know what I mean) & I totally took the week off to relax and rest my body. Let me tell you, it always does me good. Our bodies, grow and recuperate while at rest, therefore, it is crucial to make sure we allow ourselves a sufficient amount of rest to get those banging result that we desire so badly I hope you rocked it this week!!

Refer to my PREVIOUS WORKOUT LOGS to get a detailed example of the classes I teach! workout log week of 21-27 january 2013

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