Diet Makeover Series 004: Finding your Balance!

diet makeover004 finding your balance

In the last couple of weeks, we have discussed three important factors in creating well-rounded eating habits (learning about whole foods, yoyo-proofing our diet and dealing with our emotions in order to avoid binge eating and sabotaging all of our hard work).  Now is the time to gather all of those basic yet effective notions and apply them to our everyday lives.

As you know, results come from healthy and sustainable habits that are continuous and balanced. After educating ourselves on what foods are healthy for us (for optimal exercise performance & recovery, overall health & well-being, and ideal body composition), it is also mandatory to find general satisfaction and balance in our eating habits. I find that people frequently search for some MAGICAL FORMULA for WEIGHT LOSS and expect somebody to tell them the secret to reaching their goals. Yes, what you eat has an enormous impact on your energy level, your fitness performance and your body fat percentage, but the answers to your questions are not so complicated after all: eat the right quantity of REAL FOODS, create a FULFILLING LIFE that you love and learn to DEAL WITH YOUR EMOTIONS & RESPECT YOURSELF. That’s what it really all comes down to! No diet will ever get you the results you desire on the long run more that these prior statements. We tend to put so much emphasis on dieting & weight loss instead of focusing on our life purpose and general happiness and this is primarily what needs to change. Once you’ve got this covered, you will find it EASY to REACH your IDEAL WEIGHT and be FIT FOR LIFE!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these diet makeover series, these tips are truly what works best for me and I’m hoping you’ll apply these principles in your own life as well.

Have a lovely week and feel free to share your tips, comment and advice in the comments below!

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