Samantha’s Journey to Becoming a Bikini Fitness Competitor: 12 Weeks Out!

It’s time to see what Samantha has been up to this past week, can you believe that it has been a month already since we’ve started following Sam’s journey?! 3 more to go and this young lady will be up on stage flaunting her stuff!

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Hello everyone!!!

Getting to the gym and working out consistently can be tough, trust me I’ve been there!!! It doesn’t have to be though! When hitting the gym to get in shape, especially starting out its great to go with a friend that way you both can help motivate each other! Such a win-win situation for you and your gym partner in crime!

Try and surround yourself and find friends with your same goals and fitness/health lifestyle! Set up a schedule with them on days you both can go to the gym together and start a routine! This will help you both stay on track while having great support along the way…

I recently connected back with a friend, Sumaira, and we started going to the gym regularly together this past month. I’ve usually been working out by myself but I have to say it really is nice to have someone there to push you that little extra when you need it! Not only are we gym buddies now but our friendship is stronger too now because we both have the same love for being healthy and in shape!!

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So get out there and reach out to a family member, friend, co-worker, or make a new friend; kick it up at the gym together! You will be surprised how fun and motivational it is to go to the gym and share stories with someone with your same fitness/health lifestyle!

Have a great upcoming week everyone!


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