5 Things Tuesday: Quickie Mega-Calorie-Blasting Workouts !

featured 5TT Quickie Fat Blasting Workouts
Written by Isabella Bazzara

featured 5TT Quickie Fat Blasting WorkoutsIt’s time to torch some serious  calories with these 5 super short/effective/diverse workouts!

Click on each thumbnail image to go straight to your workout!

1) The Ultimate 10-Minute Jump Rope Workout via www.greatist.com

ultimate 10 minute jump rope workout

2) 12/10 SanTabata Workout via www.fitnessista.com

santabata fitnessista workout

3) The 20-Minute Hotel Workout via www.nerdfitness.com

the 20 minite hotel workout

4) Lose Fat Faster: My HIIT Sprinting Routine via www.bradgouthrofitness.com


5) No Gear Here Workout via www.womenshealthmag.com


Have a good sweat folks!

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