5 Things Tuesday: Body Image & Self-Love !

May 21, 2013

Mind Fitness

love your body

If you love your body when you are thin, but hate it when you are not, then you  love yourself conditionally, which is not love at all.  If you can’t love your body, then you can’t really love yourself!

– Marianne Williamson

Happy Tuesday people! Welcome to today’s 5TT, let’s talk about self-love, let’s talk about body image: DO YOU LOVE YOUR BODY? Yes? No? Sometimes?

There really isn’t any better feeling than loving yourself, inside out, no matter what. Developing a healthy self-image and learning how to love & respect yourself is truly empowering! When you don’t love yourself, you cannot receive love and you cannot give love, you’re life becomes limited in so many ways…

Read through these articles to find some self-lovin’ yummy content!

1) 11 Steps To Rebuild Your Relationship With Food: click HERE to read on…

2) When Women get TOO Ripped: click HERE to read on…

3) My Night of Dance and Learning To Love My Body: click HERE to read on…

4) 20 Ways to LOVE your Body: click HERE to read on…

5) Body Image in the 21st Century (Infographic): click HERE to read on…

body image infographic

 Love yourself first & see the world change before your eye!


Isabella Xoxo

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