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Written by Shauna Harrison

fitness resolution revolution

So, I’m not the biggest fan of New Year’s resolutions. I know, I know. I sound like such a hater trying to rain on everyone’s Rose Parade (ps #gostanford!).

Don’t get me wrong; I think setting and achieving goals is a great thing! I, for one, would not be where I am today without being at least somewhat goal-oriented. In principle, I think New Year’s resolutions are great; it’s in execution where I think we tend to go astray.

I think we put far too much onus and pressure onto the start of a new year to make changes, improve ourselves and strive to be better and not enough emphasis on the daily motivation, action, monitoring and evaluation necessary to sustain said goals. And, like many well-intentioned traditions, it has become overly commercialized, especially by the industry of which I am a part.

Somewhere along the line, New Year’s resolutions have become almost synonymous with “time to lose weight/get in shape/start working out/start dieting/etc.” And, ugh, that is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Again, not in principle, I am 100% behind people wanting to live healthier lives and making positive changes. That is why I went into public health and fitness in the first place. It’s the execution – on the individual’s part as much as society/industry. It is common practice in most fitness/yoga facilities that January 1 marks the day when all the “resolutioners” come in and fill the facilities. It is also fairly common knowledge that in February (usually shortly after Valentine’s Day) the buzz dies down.

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Gyms sell special low rate memberships, sports stores put fitness equipment on sale, and the media turns its attention to the latest diets and exercise trends. It is THE time to get in shape. It is often designed to hook you in knowing that you might not last in your new regimen, but you sure will have paid for it. It is basically a set up for you to fail so they can hook you again come January 1 of the following year. You deserve better than that. We need to do better than that.

You know what I would love to see? More success and less set up for failure. Execute like a boss. Make them change the system. We need a resolution revolution. Resolve to Evolve

It is a general goal of mine to be better. To live, love and do better. Every. Damn. Day. I don’t need January 1st to roll around for me to want to be a better human being!

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I don’t even need the first of the month. Or Motivation Monday. Or tomorrow morning. I need today. Right now. It may be cliché, but it’s true: Life is a journey. Continuous self-evolution is part of my personal journey. I’ve mentioned before that I think we all need to love who and where we are right now , but we can certainly learn and make positive adjustments every day.

We need less “I’m not good enough, I need to change” and more “I am awesome, imagine if I were awesomer.” (And, I don’t care that it’s not a real word!)

⌘ R

I love new beginnings and change. One thing that I think January 1 does provide is a great marker for a reboot. A restart. A refresh. A great time to let things go that don’t serve us . We can all use these from time to time, but again, we don’t HAVE to wait for New Year’s to do this. Or a birthday. Or a new season. And, if we start something new on 1/1 and we get sidetracked, we most certainly can just reboot again on any random day at any random time. Actually, it is good practice to do it whenever you feel like it is warranted. Take a #ReadySetPause and refresh your mind, your day and your focus!

Bite Size

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, I don’t often make New Year’s resolutions. When I do, they tend to be very broad, general things. “I am going to focus on my business this year,” or “I’m going to try to be better at maintaining contact with my friends.” I am all over smaller bite-size objectives, though. This is especially true for trying new things and for making minute improvements. “Today I am going to try a handstand” or “I am going to do 11 sets of stairs instead of the 10 I did last week.” If you make small goals that are challenging, yet achievable, you give yourself room to grow a small amount while building your confidence. Continuously doing this will lead to greater gains in the long run (and some great surprises when you surpass where you thought your boundaries were!)

Heinz Sight

Years ago, there was Heinz ketchup commercial, “the best things come to those who wait.” So, totally true; patience is a must! You cannot rush awesomeness.

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That ish doesn’t happen overnight. I know some of you are ready to pounce on me with a “the best things come to those who work their ass off” retort. To you, I say, you are also correct. Hard work rules, no doubt. I love everything about working my ass off. Put in the time, see the results. But guess what you need in order to see many of those results? Patience. Because like I said, that ish doesn’t happen overnight. So imagine if you work your ass off AND you’re patient. Amazing.

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January 1st is a great day. But just like the rest of the holidays, it comes and goes very quickly. You don’t need it to be better.

You just need you in any given moment. You are a walking New Year with endless potential to resolve anything you want, whenever you want. Maybe New Year’s resolutions work wonders for you. Dope!

Go with it. But, please don’t be discouraged if they don’t. I am just here to point out that the system needs some changing and the easiest way to get around it is to start a personal resolution revolution. Do YOU and be YOU a little bit better every damn day.  #IWILL.

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