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featured Andrea's Training Program - monthly promise
Written by Andrea Eilertson

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It’s time to hear from our May “MFS Fit BabeAndrea & her training program + philosophy! When it comes to working out, this babe is all about challenging herself (and her clients) while making the most out of each training session! I love the way that she keeps herself accountable with her motivational “Monthly Promise” & scheduled workouts while remaining flexible & forgiving along the way! Andrea, you’re up!

My workout philosophy is: workout hard and efficiently!

Like most people, I don’t have a whole lot of free time and I don’t have time to spend countless hours at the gym.

I typically will be in and out of the gym in an hour tops! I always have a plan for what I’m doing each month. I map out my entire month in advance to reach whatever goals I have planned for myself that given month. Each month I create a photo with “My Month Promise” on it of goals I want to achieve that month. By laying out my monthly workouts I keep my goals in mind. Each time I complete a workout I put a star next to it and if I miss a workout a sad face.

I’m not too hard on myself if I miss a workout because I know I can start again tomorrow.

Andrea’s May Promise

Andrea's Training Program - monthly promise

Once my monthly workout calendar is complete I then transfer the workouts each Sunday into my Google calendar on my phone. I also adjust each Sunday if I need to switch a rest day with a non-rest day based on my schedule that week. This may seem like a lot but it is how to best stay on course and get the results I desire. Since I do train clients Monday through Friday, I know personally that I need to workout before I start training for the day. I try and get up extra early now between 5-6:30am depending on my day to ensure my workout is completed.

My weekly workout usually looks like this:

Andrea's Training Program - Workout Calendar

For most people, I understand that working out might not be the highlight of their day. There is a lot of negativity and bad vibes around working out. One of the ways to avoid the all-day dread of going to the gym after work is to workout early in the morning. There are countless studies showing that people who workout in the morning are more apt to not skip their workouts and dread them less since they just need to roll out of bed and head to the gym or their living room to workout. To make workouts more fun, come with a plan & find workouts to bring to the gym to keep away boredom. Some of the best resources for workouts to mix up your routine I have found to be Oxygen magazine, & Strong magazine.

Andrea's Training Program

The best advice I have for people who are looking to get into a workout routine is to not bite off more than they can chew. With all my new clients, I never start them off with more than 3 training days a week if they are not currently in a routine. If they try to do six workouts a week they most likely get burnt out after two weeks of a new program. Start small and have a positive attitude, it’s the little decisions that make up your fitness lifestyle!

Stay tuned for next week’s “Mind Fitness” post by Andrea!

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Hi I'm Andrea and I run an in-home & online personal training business for women, SaFire Training.Though I like to call myself a fitness lifestyle coach, I work primarily with women who are struggling to lose those last 10-20 pounds, and may have a mental block holding them back.I train them to love themselves again all while achieving their fitness goals.
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