Abs & Thighs BURNOUT: Summer Quickie Sweat Series pt. 1!

featured abs & thighs burnout workout circuit
Written by Isabella Bazzara

Abs & Thighs Burnout - Summer Quickie Sweat Series 01

Abs & Thighs BURNOUT Circuit

Let the summer 2014 countdown begin! I’ve created a brand new workout series that will enable you to squeeze in a quick and effective sweat session wherever you might be this summer – no gym, no equipment, no time? NO EXCUSES! These workouts can be done anywhere, with little to no equipment at all! BAM – Let the summer sweatiness begin!

What You’ll Need  For this Workout

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Abs & Thighs Burnout Workout printable

Abs & Thighs Burnout Workout: Breakdown

  • Start off with a 5 minute warm-up session (you can warm-up using your favorite piece of cardio equipment or with your own bodyweight (jumping jacks, jog in place, etc.), as long as you get that heart rate up!
  • Set up your interval timer to 9 rounds of 50sec/10sec. intervals
  • Complete 1 set of the exercises listed below, following the order in which they are shown (50sec. exercise/10sec. rest)
  • Once you’ve completed the 9 exercises, take a short break (about 1 minute) as prescribed and repeat for a total of 3 sets (2 if you are more of a beginner)
  • Your goal is to complete these exercises as quickly as possible, with minimal breaks in between each exercise while keeping a good form
  • If any of these exercises are too difficult for you, you can modify them with an easier variation or take longer breaks in between exercises (more than 10 sec. / example: 20-30sec. breaks) or again, shorten the exercise interval time (30-40sec. instead of 50)
  • In addition, if you would want to increase the intensity of this workout, you can add weights while performing these exercises, take shorter breaks in between each exercise and/or increase the number of sets you complete (4 instead of 3 for example)
  • Don’t forget to cool-down and stretch those muscles

Abs & Thighs Burnout Workout: Exercise Demos

* = optional weights (dumbbells can be used to perform these exercises)

>> Do 50sec. of each exercise; taking a 10 second break in between exercises & repeat for a total f 3 sets!

Plank Climber

Glute Kickback (optional: resistance band)
1st set: right leg
2nd set: left leg
3rd set: alternating right & left leg

* Sumo Squat Jumps >> forward video to 1min.

* V-Ups

* (Bulgarian) Split Lunge

Mountain Climber

* Wood Chop (if you don’t have a dumbbell, grab an object available, like your pet…just kiddin’)

* Side Stepup (you can use a bench, chair, steps or any sturdy elevated surface)

High Knees

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