Jump Around – Fat Burning Plyo Workout from the Summer Quickie Sweat Series pt. 2!

June 23, 2014


Fat Burning Plyo Workout

Welcome back to the Summer Quickie Sweat Series yall’ – a set of workouts that you can take with you on the go while using minimal equipment and having limited space: EXCUSE-proof your workouts this summer!

Today’s Fat Burning Plyo workout is no joke – you know the drill: give your 100% during the short bursts of high intensity plyo moves while focusing on proper form, first & foremost! For this particular workout, you should put extra emphasis on completing a good, full body warm-up before proceeding to the actual workout. Making sure that your entire body & joints are ready for plyo action!

Since we will be jumpin’ all around the place, keep in mind that your landings should remain gentle and soft.

* This workout might not be suitable for beginners or people who haven’t tried plyometrics in the past, if this is the case for you, you can modify these exercises with variations best fitted to your fitness level (see suggestions provided next to each exercise demo below).

Ready to JUMP AROUND & Burn Fat? Let’s GO!

What You’ll Need  For this Workout

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Jump Around - Fat Burning Plyo Workout Printable

Jump Around – Fat Burning Plyo Workout: Breakdown

  • Start off with a 10 minute warm-up session (you can warm-up using your favorite piece of cardio equipment or with your own bodyweight (jumping jacks, jog in place, etc.), as long as you get that heart rate up!
  • Set up your interval timer to 5 rounds of 30sec/15sec. intervals
  • Complete 1 set of the exercises listed below, following the order in which they are shown (30sec. exercise/15sec. rest)
  • Once you’ve completed the 5 exercises, take a short break (about 1-2 minute) and repeat for a total of 2-4 sets (depending on your fitness level)
  • Your goal is to complete as many reps of each exercise while keeping a good form
  • If any of these exercises are too difficult for you, you can modify them with an easier variation or take longer breaks in between exercises (more than 15 sec. / example: 20-30sec. breaks) or again, shorten the exercise interval time (20sec. instead of 30)
  • Don’t forget to cool-down and stretch those muscles

Jump Around – Fat Burning Plyo Workout: Exercise Demos

>> Do 30sec. of each exercise; taking a 15 second break in between exercises & repeat for a total f 2-4 sets (depending on fitness level)!

Side to side Squat Jumps (beginner’s variation: slow down pace)

Power Jumping Jack (beginner’s variation: regular jumping jacks )

Pop-ups (beginner’s variation: drop down on your knees while lowering your body – pushup phase)

Chest Push (beginner’s variation: regular knee puchups)

Runner’s Lunge Skip – do 1 side per set (ex. Set no.1 right/ set no. 2 left) (beginner’s variation: slow down pace )

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  1. Nik Says:

    Hi, so i have been following your blog for a while now but i haven’t really done many exercises because u give youtube videos of each one separate and to be honest its not that easy to be able to follow it from watching all the videos then having to remember how to do them.

    I really like the work outs you but together but is there a way maybe you could do them and record yourself and then people just follow you through the whole thing?



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