Mighty Sweaty & Toning Full Bodyweight Circuit from the Summer Quickie Sweat Series pt. 3 !

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Written by Isabella Bazzara

Full Bodyweight Circuit - Mighty Sweaty & Toning

Time for another Summer Quickie Sweat session FITFAM! This time around, we’ll be hitting up a serious sweat circuit while toning up our entire bod using our own bodyweight for resistance – but don’t be fooled, this Mighty Sweaty & Toning Full Bodyweight Circuit ain’t easy peasy; give it your 100% while keeping a perfect form & you will feel the BURN all over!

Ready for some mighty sweatiness?

What You’ll Need  For this Workout

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Mighty Sweaty & Toning Workout: Breakdown

  • Start off with a 5 minute warm-up session (you can warm-up using your favorite piece of cardio equipment or with your own bodyweight (jumping jacks, jog in place, etc.), as long as you get that heart rate up!
  • Complete 1 set of the exercises listed below consecutively (no breaks or minimal breaks between exercises), following the order in which they are shown
  • Once you’ve completed the 8 exercises, take a short break (about 1-2 minute) and repeat for a total of 2-3 sets (depending on your fitness level)
  • Your goal is to complete all exercise reps efficiently while keeping a good form & taking minimal breaks in between exercises
  • If any of these exercises are too difficult for you, you can modify them with an easier variation or take longer breaks in between exercises
  • Don’t forget to cool-down and stretch those muscles once you’re all done!

Mighty Sweaty & Toning Workout: Exercise Demos

*Complete 3 Sets of the Following Exercises*

Side Lunge & Touch Down (10 reps per side)

Plank Jacks (30 reps)

Swing Kicks- skip video to 5 minutes (20 reps per side – 1 rep = over and back)

Side Plank + Leg Abduction (10 reps per side)

Superman Twist (10 reps per side)

Wall Sit Reach (20 reps)

Squat to Jump Tuck to 2 Pushups (10 reps)

Triceps Dips (12 reps)

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