Body Sculpting HIIT: Workout Infographic !

July 11, 2013


Body Sculpting HIIT Workout Infographic

It’s time for yet another fat burning, muscle toning and metabolism boosting workout! The Body Sculpting High Intensity Interval Training/HIIT workout will only take you about 15 minutes to complete, but don’t get fooled, this type of workout will get you ripped and shredded if you give it your 100%.

Timer Settings

You will need to set up your interval timer to 12 sets of 30 seconds (exercise) : 10 seconds (rest) intervals. Once you complete your first round, repeat one more time, taking a short break in between the two rounds. In case you don’t have your own interval timer, you can use this Online Interval Timer.

Body Sculpting HIIT Workout Breakdown

Make sure you warm-up properly before doing this intensive workout (5-10 minutes), once you complete one full round of the following exercises (see order and breakdown below infographic), take a short break (about 1 minute) and repeat one more time! Once your done, cool-down and stretch out those muscles, they will deserve it! You’ll be in fat burning mode for hours after finishing your workout, enjoy it!

Body Sculpting HIIT Workout Infographic

Body Sculpting HIIT Workout Infographic printable

Body Sculpting HIIT Workout: Exercise Breakdown

  1. Burpee
  2. Modified V-Ups
  3. Surfer Squat Jump
  4. Alternating Superman
  5. High Knees
  6. Standing Leg Abduction (R)
  7. Mountain Climbers
  8. Standing Leg Abduction (L)
  9. Switch Backs
  10. Russian Twist
  11. Alternating Front Kicks
  12. Modified Pushup

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8 Responses to “Body Sculpting HIIT: Workout Infographic !”

  1. Cool sculpting Says:

    Nice warm-up Tips for Body Sculpting.I like your post.Keep Blogging and Best of Luck.


  2. HIIT Routines Says:

    Loving the HIIT workout ideas – Thanks so much!


  3. Jane Smith Says:

    That’s a great info-graphic! I am also a complete HIIT fan. After all what’s better than a short duration workout that losses fat faster than any cardio and also builds muscles. I do my routine using a 7 minute workout app ( and it works amazing!



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