New Year’s Resolution – Fitness Challenge: Start Strong in 2014 !

featured New Year's Resolution Fitness Challenge - January workout calendar
Written by Isabella Bazzara

2014 New Year's Resolution Fitness Challenge

Welcome to the official January 2014:

New Year’s Resolution Fitness Challenge!

– We’re in this together – 

Well hello there lovely fittie (or fittie to-be)! Are you up for a challenging yet ultra rewarding month? There is no better way to start off the New Year than to allow yourself to sparkle & shine from the inside out! And by that I mean: “READY to get super STRONG, ultra SEXY & completely RE-ENERGIZED in 2014”? Let’s bring on some serious chutzpah into our lives, shall we?

The 2014 New Year’s Resolution Fitness Challenge is all about providing you with the necessary tools that will allow you to reach YOUR FITNESS GOALS this month!

It’s YOUR time to shine beautiful!

Before you get all pumped-up & ready to drop down for 20 push-ups, make sure you bookmark this page for future references, we’ll be updating this post with new workouts every week, you don’t want to miss out on that, right!?

On top of that, your online fitness trainer’s (me & Myriam via My Dream Shape) have also put together a DELUXE EDITION of the New Year’s – Fitness Challenge which is now available to you in Printable Format!

January Fitness Challenge ebook preview

Here is what is included in the “2014 New Year’s Resolution – Fitness Challenge” eBook:buy 2014 New Year's Resolution Fitness Challenge eBook

  • Everything included in the free version of the challenge (offered in this post), plus,
  • All January workouts in printable edition
  • A flexible and customizable, whole-food/de-bloating Meal Plan
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Printable Log sheets to set your goals and keep track of your progress
  • A Printable Body Stat Chart to measure your progress
  • and additional fitness & diet tips to help you reach your goals this month!

Grab your copy of the “2014 New Year’s Resolution – Fitness Challenge” & get in tip-top shape with us this month!

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OK, let’s get down to our sweaty business guys!

For this month’s Fitness Challenge, we’ve put together yet another rockin’ workout program that will get you STRONG, TONED & feeling SEXY during the month of January! Our goal was to create a workout plan that is fun, challenging and of course, effective. We’ve gathered and merged our workouts (from both our blogs – MFS & MDS) to bring you variety through multiple training techniques (such as Interval training, circuits training, body-weight training, weight training, super-sets, Tabata training and so on…) to make sure you reap maximal benefits from your workouts while keeping it diverse and exciting all together!

New Year’s Resolution Fitness Challenge: Guidelines & Tips

    • Follow our January Workout Calendar: all workouts will be linked to their source every upcoming week, so make sure you bookmark this page!
    • Use the “fitin2014” #hashtag on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to share your progress with the community,
    • Rest at least once a week: feel free to add 1-2 additional recovery days as needed (more isn’t necessarily better, you want to focus on the quality of your workouts and pushing yourself during each session). If you decide to workout 3-4 times a week, make sure to balance out your training program, you don’t want to end up doing 3 upper body workouts consecutively,
    • As you know, diet is a huge part of the equation when it comes to getting in shape and seeing quick and lasting results, no matter how hard you train and push yourself, if you are not fueling your body properly, according to your specific goals, you might get disappointed with your results. Browse through our healthy recipes & diet tips or purchase the DELUXE EDITION of the New Year’s –  Fitness Challenge for a full Meal Plan to follow during this month’s challenge.
    • To get an idea of how many calories you should be consuming on a daily basis, depending on your unique goal (fat loss, maintenance, muscle growth, etc.), go ahead and calculate your daily caloric needs to get an estimate.

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January Workout Calendar

New Year's Resolution Fitness Challenge - January workout calendar

Print your January Workout Calendar (pdf)

New Year’s Resolution Fitness Challenge: Workout Breakdown

WEEK 1 **Workout Breakdown**

WEEK 2 **Workout Breakdown**

WEEK 3 **Workout Breakdown**

WEEK 4 **Workout Breakdown**

WEEK 5 **Workout Breakdown**

Keep us posted on your progress via


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Your 30-day New Year’s Fitness Challenge eBookbuy 2014 New Year's Resolution Fitness Challenge eBook

The DELUXE EDITION of our New Year’s Resolution – Fitness Challenge includes

  • all the January workouts (in Printable Format),
  • a Shredding & De-bloating whole-food Meal Plan,
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Log sheets to set your goals and track your progress,
  • a Body Stat Chart to measure your progress
  • EXTRA Fitness and Diet Tips to help you reach amazing results during this 30-day challenge! 

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